Loud Interactive is a digital marketing firm specializing in SEO consulting and social media. We help empower businesses and brands to grow and reach their maximum potential. In the competitive world of digital marketing it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but we'll make sure your brand is being heard.



We maintain a strong work ethic but equally as important, we have fun. Our casual work environment allows our team to interact and collaborate throughout the day while we work towards a common objective. Work-life balance is key here, and often times you'll catch us taking in a Cubs game or networking at a company outing.

The Office

Our casual loft space in River North invites creativity without being too intense. Large windows provide plenty of sun to keep the team going throughout the day. Part open-space, part separate work spaces, the Loud office has fit the team extremely well thus far.


The digital age is well upon us, and if you can't be found on the internet, chances are you can't be found, period. Loud Interactive brings the results necessary for you to get noticed online with the creative approach to connect and engage with your target audience. Through social media and SEO consulting, we help drive your brand relevancy up in the rankings, uncovering countless new opportunities and ROI.



Based in Chicago, we are a lively team of industry experts specializing in online marketing. With over a decade of combined marketing, SEO and public relations expertise, we've got the hands-on experience and qualified pool of resources to get you where you want to be. We've learned a lot along the way, and we can't wait to show you. 

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Brent D Payne

Brent D. Payne, CEO of Loud Interactive has worked closely with well-known brands Amazon.com, Best Buy, Chicago Tribune and Walmart.com, as well as several smaller brands. Brent's industry knowledge is sought after around the world for SEO, social media, online reputation and more. Additionally, he has spoken in 5 of the 7 continents, sharing insights on social media strategy, SEO and resolving online reputation issues.

Sarah McMillin

Sarah has a talent for working with diverse sets of clients to determine their needs and expectations and quickly deliver the solution. She is often heard chatting with clients to make sure they are getting the highest quality of service that Loud Interactive has to offer. Sarah is known around the office for her quirky, outgoing personality and her ability to take the 'kids' under her wing.

Rob Bowling
Senior SEO Specialist

15+ years experience in Marketing & Development

Chris Kramer
Senior SEO Specialist

10+ years experience in SEO Management

Hayley Harper
Senior Account Manager/ Social Media Specialist

Hayley heads the numerous events that Loud Interactive hosts as well as helping with content on Loud Interactive's social media outlets. She is currently working on Loud's new series of seminars focusing on various areas of SEO and online marketing.

Sammi Gassel
Project Manager

3+ years experience in SEO & Communications

Kevin Zapinski
Sales & Marketing

10+ years experience in SEO Management

Kristen Barrick
Content & Outreach Specialist

1+ years experience

Mystery Person
Who Knows

11+ years experience in SEO